Apply For Funding

The mission of the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is to commission research, establish standards for athletic equipment and encourage
the dissemination of research findings on sport injury and prevention. Accordingly, the intent of the NOCSAE grant program is to commission investigator-initiated research and to provide support for education, health, and safety research and development. The NOCSAE research plan proposed by the applicant must be related to NOCSAE’s stated program interests. NOCSAE will fund awards under two separate mechanisms:

  1. Small pilot developmental studies that do not exceed $50,000 in direct costs for one year
  2. Traditional research projects that do not exceed $250,000 in direct costs over two years


NOCSAE invites all investigator-initiated proposals that address NOCSAE’S core mission. Specific research topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Studies that inform existing helmet safety standards
  • The mechanical and biological mechanisms of injury and recovery
  • The application of developed tools and equipment for injury prevention
  • Studies related to the development of new equipment safety standards
  • Studies related to sport safety


NOCSAE awards grants to organizations of all types (universities, colleges, small businesses, for profit, etc.) within North America. Our grant mechanisms allow an investigator to define the scientific focus or objective of the research based on a particular area of interest and competence.


  • Read all information included in NOCSAE’s website related to applying for research. Strict compliance with all grant proposal instructions is required, or the proposal won’t be considered.
  • Projects funded by NOCSAE typically address 1-2 well developed and specific aims.
  • Proposals related specifically to product development are not appropriate and will not be accepted.
  • Projects analyzing athletic performance are also not appropriate.


1) Large-Grant Program

This program requires a two-phase process consisting of an initial letter of intent followed by submission of a full project application. The research director will review all letters of intent and the NOCSAE board of directors will vote on which letters to move forward for a full application submission.

  • The Letter of Intent is due June 30th.
  • Full application submissions are due October 31st.

Large-Grant application forms:

Letter of Intent
Application Cover Sheet
2-Year Budget Template

2) Small-Grant Program

This program is for smaller single-year projects with a maximum budget of $50,000. Applications are due October 31st.

Small-Grant application forms:

Application Cover Sheet
1-Year Budget Template

Submit the forms for either program by email to Kim D. Barber Foss, PhD ATC;  The final decision for funding is made by the NOCSAE Board of Directors at the Winter Board Meeting.