Research Funding Programs

Research Programs

NOCSAE’s mission includes advancing medical and scientific knowledge in sports injuries and prevention. To accomplish that, NOCSAE has a longstanding formal Research Grant Funding program. Recently, NOCSAE has added a targeted research function that solicits Requests for Proposal on specific topics of immediate interest.

NOTE: At this time, only applications for the small grant program with a budget cap of $50,000 are being accepted.   

General Research Grants Program

The scope of the grants considered for funding include basic and/or applied research bearing a rational relationship toward increasing our understanding of sports injury mechanisms and protection. Awards are based upon scientific merit as ranked by a research grant review committee of national experts and upon the priorities of the NOCSAE Board of Directors. NOCSAE patterns its research grant funding program on the NIH model. Since the program’s inception in 1994, NOCSAE has awarded over $13,000,000 toward research.

Request for Proposals Program

The RFP program does not follow the same scheduling or two-step evaluation and review process as the Research Grant program. The RFP will contain sufficient detail regarding the purpose, scope, goals and outcomes such that a researcher can submit a full proposal for evaluation. The submitted proposal should have the same content and detail as a full research grant application and will be graded or scored by the research review committee in the same manner.