Quiz Project Demonstration

Choosing incorrect answers will show pop-up text which explains the correct answer. Respondents were encouraged to repeat the quiz for a higher score because our objective was education (and fun), not to gather data. It’s interesting that even though the choices for question 3 are designed to nudge respondents toward the correct answer, 71 test takers were apparently so convinced NOCSAE certifies and approves equipment that they chose an incorrect option anyway.

This quiz was available between May 17 and June 15.

#1. What does NOCSAE stand for?

Seriously? Ok have it your way, but don’t look up at that elephant!

#2. How do you pronounce NOCSAE?

Don’t sweat it. 🙂 Bright side is you’re now one of the few folks who know how to pronounce KNOCK-see.

#3. Why does NOCSAE's label on helmets say "SEI Certified?"

This is a hard one. NOCSAE does not approve or certify equipment. Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) oversees the certification process to make sure equipment meets NOCSAE standards.

#4. How do I know a certain model is in compliance with NOCSAE standards?

You can check SEI’s list of products certified to NOCSAE standards on their website, seinet.org



Congratulations! Great score. 🙂

No worries. Go ahead, take it again if you want. 🙂