An Investigation of the Linear Impactor Test Protocol Based on In Vivo Measures of Head Impact Acceleration.

Principle Investigator: Joseph T. Gwin

Institution: Simbex LLC

Title: An Investigation of the Proposed NOCSAE Linear Impactor Test method Based on In Vivo Measures of Head Impact Acceleration in Ice Hockey and Football

Abstract: Increasingly, MTBI in sports has come under scrutiny. Players, trainers, coaches, and leagues are seeking methods to reduce the incidence of MTBI without changing the spirit of the hard-hitting game. To this end, NOCSAE has developed but not yet implemented a novel method for standardized headgear testing. Based on in-vivo measures of head impact acceleration for the Dartmouth College men’s football and ice hockey teams, recorded using the Head Impact Telemetry (HIT) System (Simbex, Lebanon, NH), we propose to evaluate the biofidelity of the proposed test protocol as compared to current NOCSAE standards. Specifically, we will evaluate whether the proposed test protocol more closely emulates the impact locations, impact durations, and impact severities sustained in vivo.