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Standards Requirements & Governing Bodies

  • QWho determines if NOCSAE standards are required for a specific sport?

    NOCSAE Executive Director, Mike Oliver: Individual sports governing bodies determine if NOCSAE standards are required for their rules of play. At NOCSAE, we’re focused specifically on advancing scientific research and creating athletic equipment standards to help protect athletes from injuries. And we continually update our standards to ensure they reflect the latest science, technology and medicine. However, once NOCSAE sets a standard, we do not have a role in mandating or requiring that standard for individual sports. Equipment requirements for each sport are set by the governing body in their official rules of play.

  • QAre governing bodies involved in the development of NOCSAE standards?

    Oliver: Governing bodies are often involved in identifying the need for performance standards, sometimes through injury data and epidemiology or the voluntary use of non-standard equipment by players. In some cases, they will ask NOCSAE to research and develop a standard to protect athletes from a specific injury. More details on our standards development process can be found on our website here.

  • QHow do I know what NOCSAE standards are required for my sport?

    Oliver: To find out if a NOCSAE standard is required for your sport, check the rules of play or official rulebook of the governing body that oversees your sport.

  • QHow do I know if my athletic equipment meets the NOCSAE standard required by my governing body?

    Oliver: Every piece of equipment that meets the NOCSAE standard will have been independently certified by Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) as compliant with NOCSAE standards, and will have a certification label or logo that says: “Meets NOCSAE Standard.” This logo confirms that a product meets the protective performance criteria established in the appropriate NOCSAE standard, which is based on the latest consensus science, technology and medicine. Given the presence of some counterfeit products on the market – a problem we have seen particularly with lacrosse balls – we strongly recommend that consumers also check SEI’s website, which lists all equipment certified to NOCSAE standards by sport and brand.

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