Standard Performance Specification for Newly Manufactured Baseball/Softball Fielder’s Headgear

Topics: Baseball, Fielder's Headgear, Performance, Safety, Softball

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This standard specification establishes performance requirements for new baseball/softball fielder’s headgear and optional baseball/softball fielder’s headgear face protectors intended to be mounted to fielder’s headgear certified as meeting the NOCSAE standard for baseball/softball fielder’s headgear as supplied by the manufacturer of the face protector. The optional face protector shall be supplied with the required hardware and instructions for mounting, along with required accessories (like a chin strap) if any are required for the face protector to function as designed. Baseball/softball fielder’s headgear and face protectors for use with softballs only must be clearly marked as such.


ND029- 12m15a
ND029-18 Effective Feb. 2019


Modified June, 2015
Effective August, 2015
Revised February, 2018
Effective February, 2019

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