NOCSAE Quiz #1 – Good luck!

#1. What does NOCSAE stand for?

Seriously? Ok have it your way, but don’t look up at that elephant!

#2. How do you pronounce NOCSAE?

Don’t sweat it. 🙂 Bright side is you’re now one of the few folks who know how to pronounce KNOCK-see.

#3. Why does NOCSAE's label on helmets say "SEI Certified?"

This is a hard one. NOCSAE does not approve or certify equipment. Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) oversees the certification process to make sure equipment meets NOCSAE standards.

#4. How do I know a certain model is in compliance with NOCSAE standards?

You can check SEI’s list of products certified to NOCSAE standards on their website,



Congratulations! Great score. 🙂

No worries. Go ahead, take it again if you want. 🙂