Procedure for Adoption and Implementation of Standards and Revisions to Existing Standards

The NOCSAE Board of Directors shall utilize the following protocol for creating, amending, editing, and revising equipment standards:

Section 1.  Once the Director of Research, the Technical Advisor, or any committee of technical experts assembled by the Board of Directors is satisfied that scientific evidence exists to merit the adoption of a new standard or the revision of an existing standard, a written report of such findings shall be sent to the Executive Director, who will in turn provide such findings to the Executive Committee for further action.

Section 2.  Upon approval by the Executive Committee of the written recommendations, the findings will be presented at the next scheduled board meeting for approval or disapproval of a “proposed standard” or a “proposed standard revision”.  During this meeting the board shall convene as a Consensus Body prior to any official board meeting.  At least 3 months prior to the date of the Consensus Body meeting NOCSAE shall provide public notice of the date, time, and location of the meeting, and shall identify the standard  being considered, and shall summarize the scope and content of any new standard, and the nature and types of revisions being considered for an existing standard.  The notice shall also specify how and when written comment can be submitted to NOCSAE for consideration during the process.  After reasonable time for comment, debate, discussion, and evaluation of the new or revised standard the consensus body shall decide whether the standard is to be approved as “proposed”.

Section 3.  “Proposed standards” and “proposed  standard revisions” are deemed temporary in nature and may or may not be elevated to take effect as a new standard or as a revision to an existing standard. 

Section 4.  “Proposed standards” and “proposed standard revisions” will remain such for at least twelve months.  During the first six months of such a twelve month period, written comments will be solicited and encouraged from interested parties.  Any interested party may additionally request the opportunity to meet with the Director of Research or the Technical Advisor in person regarding any proposed standard or proposed standard revision provided written comments are also submitted by the same interested party to the Director of Research or to the Technical Advisor.

Section 5.  The Director of Research or the Technical Advisor shall take such steps as may be necessary to address all written comments and shall present a written report of the status of the proposed standard revision to the Executive Committee for discussion prior to the first anniversary of the proposed standard or proposed standard revision.

Section 6.  The Executive Committee will make a recommendation to the NOCSAE Board of Directors at the first board meeting occurring closest to the first anniversary of the proposed standard or proposed standard revision as to whether such proposed standard or proposed standard revision should be elevated to final standard or revision of a standard, or whether the proposed standard or standard revision should continue in proposed form, or should be withdrawn.

Section 7.  If the NOCSAE Consensus Body approves the proposed standard or proposed standard revision for elevation to a final standard or a revision of a standard, the effective date of the new standard or revision shall not be earlier than twelve (12) months from such approval.