NOCSAE Winter Standards Committee Meeting Highlights

The NOCSAE Standards Committee met in San Antonio on February 2, 2018 approving revisions to a number of standards, drawing awareness to the issue of counterfeit lacrosse balls, and providing an update on two funded research programs currently exploring injury thresholds and biomechanics needed to inform a youth specific helmet standard.  Read more here.


NOCSAE Meets to Advance Athletic Equipment Safety Standards

The NOCSAE Standards Committee met in Indianapolis on June 16, 2017  to address a number of issues, including technical revisions to the new chest protector standard for commotio cordis, performance specification for lacrosse balls, as well as the effective dates for the football helmet and chest protector performance standards.  Read more here.


NOCSAE Finalizes First-Ever Football Helmet Standard to Address Concussion Risks From Rotational Forces and First Chest Protector Standard for Commotio Cordis

At the January 2017 NOCSAE Standards Meeting, two groundbreaking athletic protection standards were moved to final status: a football helmet standard to address rotational forces and a chest protector for Commotio Cordis.  Read more here.


NOCSAE Advances Development of Athletic Equipment Performance Standards for Football Helmets, Chest Protectors and Lacrosse Balls

Advances were made in the development of performance standards for football helmets, chest protectors and lacrosse balls at the June 2016 NOCSAE Standards Meeting.  Read more here.


NOCSAE Advances First Chest Protector Standard to Address Sudden Cardiac Death

A proposed Chest Protector Standard for Commotio Cordis was introduced at the NOCSAE Consensus Body Standards Meeting January 29.  Read more here.


NOCSAE Back to School News Release

NOCSAE calls on parents to be smart about their child’s football helmet.  Read more here.