Since its inception in 1969, NOCSAE has been a leading force in the effort to improve athletic equipment, and to reduce injuries through robust standards for athletic equipment. Some of the efforts of NOCSAE include the development of performance standards for football helmets, baseball/softball batting helmets, baseballs/softballs, lacrosse helmets/face masks and football face masks. NOCSAE research efforts have also led to a better understanding of the mechanism and tolerance of head and neck injuries and more knowledge concerning the design and structure of football helmets, football face masks, batter’s and catcher’s helmets and lacrosse protective headgear and face masks.

The NOCSAE organization is comprised of representatives from a number of national representative organizations which have an interest in athletic equipment. These include manufacturers, reconditioners, athletic trainers, coaches, equipment managers, sports medicine and consumer organizations. These diverse interests have joined forces to arrive at a common goal of reducing sports-related injuries.

Although NOCSAE is proud of its accomplishments it continues to fund further research efforts in this field. NOCSAE is a nonprofit charitable organization supported by individuals and organizations with an interest in athletics.

This Web page is composed from numerous NOCSAE documents and has been developed to provide a reference source for those interested in and associated with the NOCSAE organization and also to provide answers for those who might have questions about the standards or specific policies of NOCSAE.